Ronen Ackerman @ App Academy


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Got streaming working and got home and did some refactoring.


Got started on my second project today. Definitely not going to finish in two days, but its another thing I really want. Its an RSS reader for music feeds that extracts soundcloud links and makes them into a playlist. Got the initial database structure sorted out and auth with devise set up. I’m building on top of the earlier RSS reader project so its nice to have that work already done.


It’s done! Major bugs are squashed and it’s on the Internet. I also gave a lecture on CSS today which was a lot of fun and spent a lot of the day belong people with their styling.


Missed class today because I got stuck in LA. :( planned out my CSS lecture for trmw, finished up some stuff with the scheduling app and decided what I will work on next week! :)


Did a lot of refactoring and bug fixing. Main functionality is done! Even used it this weekend to pick my schedule :)


Been working all day! got refreshing, clearing and persisting to the database done today. Hope to have it up on heroku tmrw!


Today I added a queue for loading messages, refactored the criteria view into nesting doll views, and added a bunch of other minor functionality like delete courses from a criterion, hiding error messages, handling errors better.


Continued my work from the weekend on my first project. You give it classes you want to take and it scrapes Westerns timetable site and shows you all the possible schedules. Today I worked on the popovers that give you info about a course when you hover and did a lot of the styling work when I got home.


The last day before projects! We spent the morning doing a lecture about job hunting. I unfortunately won’t be able to use that advice for a coupe years but it was really interesting and really entertaining. We finished up with some more backbone practice.